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Church Crisis Plan & Exclusive Training

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but it sure doesn’t feel that way when your pastor or church starts making the headlines. In today’s world, if you’re a Bible-preaching church, then it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be faced with a communications crisis of your own. Even the most squeaky clean church is susceptible to mistakes, sin, false accusations, or worse.

We’ve prepared an all-inclusive training package and downloadable resources to help your church establish an effective PR strategy and crisis plan. You’ll learn tried and true techniques that will help prepare you and your church to handle every day communications crises.

Presented by Justin Dean

Former Communications Director, Mars Hill Church

Justin DeanJustin is the Chief Advisor at DOXA Media Group and co-founder of That Church Conference. Previously, Justin served as the Communications Director for Mars Hill Church in Seattle where he oversaw all content, communications, social media, and public relations.

He has a passion for helping churches better communicate and reach more people. He created this training package to help you and your church learn from the good and bad experiences he’s had working with some of the most influential churches in America.

Does Your Church Have a Documented Crisis Plan?

Don’t be caught off guard, scrambling to assemble your team and craft communications, when a crisis hits your church.

Download this comprehensive crisis communications plan built specifically for churches and you’ll be prepared.

Here’s What’s Included:

Complete Crisis Communications Plan

You’ll receive a comprehensive crisis communications plan that you can download and edit for use at your church or use right out of the box. This kit includes everything you need and has been developed and tested at churches big and small.

There are eight documents included:

  • Master Communications Plan
  • Crisis Management Policies & Procedures
  • Crisis Checklist for the Communications Director
  • Local Campus One Sheet (for multi-site churches)
  • Crisis Plan for an Example Scenario
  • Likeness Release Form
  • Tips for Dealing with the Press
  • Instructions on How to Prepare a PR Brief

Includes One-On-One Video Training

You’ll also receive a one-hour coaching session via video conference with Justin for you and your team to receive one-on-one training.

Justin will walk you through how to adapt the crisis plan for your church and answer any questions you have.

Get Immediate Access for $299 $99

This is more than just a jumpstart – you’ll receive a complete crisis communications plan along with quality training to help you immediately implement it at your church. Training and content like this can cost thousands of dollars to develop on your own.

Download the Crisis Plan and schedule your coaching session now.

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