Equipping churches and ministries to reach more people, for the glory of God.

About Doxa Media Group

Doxa (δόξα) is a Greek word meaning common belief or popular opinion.

As culture and methods have changed over the years, many churches and ministries struggle to communicate their message well. As ministries grow, communications get more complex. As you reach more people, more and more distractions and obstacles get in the way of your mission.

The more your church or ministry makes an impact, the harder the enemy will strike.

DOXA Media Group equips and trains churches and ministries with the right tools to communicate well and stay on mission.

Our desire, as digital media and communications advisors, is to enhance your organization’s brand and reputation, allowing you to gain better opportunities to spread your message and obtain your goals.

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and our clients include small and medium sized churches, new church plants, Christian authors, preachers, non-profit organizations, and media professionals all over the world.

We’d love to learn how we can serve you. Let’s talk.

Justin Dean

Justin Dean


Justin is a proven communications leader dedicated to helping churches reach more people.

Before founding DOXA Media Group he served as the Communications Director for Mars Hill Church in Seattle. He is also the founder of the Ministry Communicators Association, a non-profit organization offering low-cost marketing and communications services for churches.